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Stethcare is dedicated to remain at the forefront of the medical imaging and diagnostics field by continually maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and offering the latest in scientific advances.

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Why we urge patients for a Lab Blood Test?

Blood test results are used for a wide variety of purposes, including the following:

• Identifying signs of nutrient deficiencies
• Detecting any changes in your health
• Evaluating bodily functions, such as the kidney, liver, or thyroid function
• Monitoring treatment or disease progression.

The information that a clinical laboratory test provides enables clinicians to formulate an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan or determine whether further assessment is necessary.

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What we do??

• STETHCARE involves a medical professional collecting a sample of blood, tissue, or other biological matter from the patient. The specimen is then sent our clinical laboratory where it is then analyzed by specially trained medical professionals using sophisticated equipment.

• Once testing is complete, the lab will issue a report with the findings to the our ordering physician, who will interpret the results. After interpreting the results, the physician will discuss the findings with the patient and determine the best course of action.

• In addition to our medical examinations and treatments, we offer on-site diagnostics radiology & laboratory services. Our experienced urgent care and emergency medicine healthcare providers treat a wide variety of illness, perform sports, work, and school and provide occupational medical services



What our patients say

Well managed and professional. Its also the only place in Bangalore where you can do a DG approved seafarers pre joining medical test. If you are doing a DG medical, Allow for 3-4 hours for the entire process. Remember to carry 6 passport photos, and a copy of your passport..

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Sidharth Ravindra

Rajan Chellikatil -  Well maintained, hygienic clinic, where I went for my pre-ship joining Medicals in August 2021. A battery of tests (including TMT, ECG, Blood & Urine), other than Ultra sound scan and X-ray, were conducted in house. Documentation and certification was factual & without errors. The Doctors and staff came across as professional and cordial.

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Rajan Chellikatil

I am a seafarer from bangalore and went to stethcare for my medicals. I am happy to find DG approved doctor here in bangalore. They did all tests professionally, maintain good hygiene and is centrally located. I suggest all seafarers in and around bangalore to visit here for their medicals.

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Nagarjun Siddarama

Dr Abhijna is good and friendly ..Over all about the stethcare diagnostic is excellent.

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Narasimha Murthi

Mahesh PS - I highly recommend this one for any one for Medicals staff over here are very professional.

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Mahesh PS

Renuka Harish - Very convenient and good service. Staff are very polite and helpful. Best wishes to Stethcare.

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Renuka Harish

Pavan Prakash - Excellent service in and around RR Nagar. This is a good option for the Covid RT-PCR Test.

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Pavan Prakash
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